What if we were to just decide right now that regardless of what goes on today is going to be an amazing day? ⁣

To make conscious choices to look for the magical moments, the opportunities to be grateful and the gifts that surround us.⁣

To know that even if chaos ensues, the unexpected arises, and disappointment or offense attempt to sideswipe us that ultimately we are in control?⁣

To shift our mentality from one that accepts life is happening TO and begin to believe that actually life is happening FOR us. ⁣

Stop scrolling, put your phone away and lift your head. Take a breath. Take a break. Take a walk. Search for the beauty that is here in this present moment! ⁣

I would love to hear about the gift you find, the magic that you uncover or whatever brings you pure joy today! ⁣

Comment below and share so we can enjoy it with you!