Who says you can’t chase your dreams while lying in your bed?! 💪🏽 To be honest today is a high pain day… probably because i traveled this weekend and that was a choice I was willing to make to support my girl and have no regrets. 💃🏼 But today… not a good day physically.⁣

💎 But your physical does not have to and should not get to dictate your mental, emotional, spiritual well being. 💎⁣

What motivates me to keep going when the pain feels like too much?! Oh you know what I am going to say don’t you… ONE LIFE.⁣ 👈🏼

It’s all we get. So I’m not wasting mine or letting my obstacles get the best of me. Those dreams in my heart, that purpose I am meant to fulfill, matters. And it matters for you too. ⁣🤩

That’s why I post this. Not for sympathy. I don’t need it. 🙅🏼‍♀️ I’m good. I’m still believing that my last treatment which they said could take 3-6 months to work is working. So don’t worry about me. ⁣

But what’s your excuse? Are you letting it keep you from accomplishing your goals? Chasing your dreams? Becoming your best self. Because we all are dealing with something. Don’t let it take you out, use it as fuel to move you forward. We got this! ❤️⁣