You guys!!! Did you know that I have been writing a book for over 2 years and am just days away from turning in the full manuscript?!?!

Today my family rented a boat to go snorkeling and I stayed back because let’s be real… dreams take work and sacrifice. And not just for the one chasing the dreams but for their loved ones too.

Not once has my husband or family made me pay for needing to hustle when we aren’t at the beach. Needing to stay up late and get up early and spend way too much time on the computer while in beautiful Hawaii.

They are cheering me on and one day my girls will read this book and remember what it took. And I pray it inspires them to chase their dreams and to contend for their best life. To do the hard work and the heart work to become their best selves. ⁣

It’s hard on days like today. But I know I will make them proud. It doesn’t matter how many copies are sold. It matters that I did what I set out to do. I am putting myself out there. Not for me, but for each of you. That’s what counts.⁣

What would you regret if you didn’t do it or at least go for it?! What are you letting hold you back from starting or finishing? Take time to think about what happens if you do it and what happens if you don’t. Whose lives will be impacted for the positive or negative?⁣

One life people. Make it count. Do the things that make you proud of yourself. It won’t be easy but it is possible. Keep going! Keep fighting! ⁣

And to all your mamas hear me loud and clear: ⁣